Welcome to 

Kersey Cowboy Church!

We are a down to earth, come as you are church where everyone is welcome.  We meet on Sunday mornings and again on Monday nights so that we can accommodate those who have full and busy weekends.  Sunday mornings we meet at the Middle School Cafeteria in Kersey, Colorado and Monday nights we meet at the barn on WCR 53, 3 1/2 miles south of Kersey.  Our atmosphere is family orientated, our dress code is casual, and our messages are simple to understand, biblically based, and straight forward.

We look forward to partnering up with you in the praise and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

If you need prayer or if you would like to share a praise, please call Pastor Shorty at 970.351.0372. Or call Cindy Bowers for the Prayer Chain at 970.352.2218.


Carolyn and I want to extend a personal welcome to you to come and visit us at the KERSEY COWBOY CHURCH.  Our church is known as a church that is full of love and is filled with an atmosphere of family!  We love God, Jesus His Son, each other and we love the community that we serve.  We are a giving church and we sponsor several community outreach programs each and every year. We also feature some of the most talented country gospel artists in America.   Susie McEntire, Justin Todd Herod, Scott Brown, Richard Kiser, Sandra Dee, Gospel Trail, and Barry Ward just to name a few.  Our own praise and worship team are very talented and present the hymns and modern songs in their unique “cowboy way”.  We also host the Cowboy Church Services at the Greeley Stampede each year; the largest fourth of July rodeo celebration in the world.  Please come and visit and see if you are not blessed by our loving and giving congregation.
In His Rein,
Pastor Shorty Huffman
We believe that Jesus is the Messiah, born a virgin birth, raised to walk in human form to teach us and to perform miracles that man would know He was indeed the Son of God.  And He came to die on the cross of Calvary for our sins.  We further believe that Jesus defeated death and rose from the tomb and ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven.  We also believe that He is preparing a place for those who believe in Him and that He will return to take His faithful to an eternal home of peace and joy and love.